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Chairman and CEO James Gellert Featured in SDCExec 2017 Pros to Know

March 28, 2017

Our own James Gellert, Chairman and CEO, was featured as a Pro to Know in 2017 in Supply & Demand Chain Executive's March Magazine.

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Snap soars through its market debut. Now for the hard part.

March 2, 2017

James Gellert, chief executive of Rapid Ratings said, Snap is in a weaker position at this point in its development than Facebook, which has had considerable post-IPO success. When it comes to Snap's financials and its vision for the future, he said, it has far more in common in Twitter at the point of IPO than Facebook. The company hasn't turned a profit, for example -- and has cautioned that it may never make a profit. It also hasn't articulated a clear path to how it will continue to make money. In fact, Gellert noted, Snap has said that it actually expects to spend more money in the coming years to continue growing.

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Snap’s ‘core health is very poor’ but there is a silver lining

February 3, 2017

Financial analysts have now had a bit of time to pore over Snap's finances and issue their opinions, since it released its IPO prospectus on Thursday. Rapid Ratings CEO & Chairman James Gellert tells us that there are eerily similarities between Snap and Twitter, but not enough to write off Snap just yet. "Twitter showed a showed a similar Financial Health profile back in 2013 at the time of its IPO, but that’s not to say that Snap is in for the same kind of trouble,"he says.

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Are Today’s Lean Supply Chains Running Just-in-Time or Not-in-Time Enough?

January 31, 2017

Lean supply chains using just-in-time inventory methods have proven competitive advantages, but are these advantages otuweighed when it comes to supply chain disruptions? Our own Peter Murray explains the benefit of coupling lean supply chains with strong supply chain risk management programs leveraging predictive analytics.

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Why security leaders need to include financial health when assessing security risk

January 25, 2017

Assessing the risk of vendors and partners is not new. Some organizations have entire teams dedicated to the process. James Gellert explains the importance of financial health and what to look for when assessing third parties and partners.

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Oh, ship!

November 7, 2016

The collapse of Hanjin Shipping had been in the works for a long time. James Gellert, the CEO of Rapid Ratings, tells GTR that his company had flagged Hanjin and many of its peers as “very high risk for a few years”. But even if it wasn’t a huge surprise to ratings companies, it caught much of the industry off guard. Gellert says: “The most directly impacted were companies that had goods on vessels: that’s been a significant disruption to supply chains. Secondarily there’s a spill-on effect: when one supply chain is disrupted it means someone else’s supply chain is disrupted, so you have the trickle effect.”

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Imagining a world where Apple bought Time Warner

October 25, 2016

Own an iPhone? Like Game of Thrones? In a world where Apple bought Time Warner, the media company behind HBO, CNN and TBS, the next season of the hyped fantasy series could have premiered exclusively to iPhone users. "Both have significant exposure to the mobile data, content and infrastructure, albeit one as a carrier and one as a device manufacturer," James Gellert, CEO of financial research and analytics company Rapid Ratings, told Mashable. "Both are also in the content distribution business."

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5 Lessons Risk Managers Can Learn from the Presidential Debate

September 29, 2016

The first presidential debate was one for the history books to say the least, much like the entire 2016 presidential election. Both candidates get points for showmanship certainly, but if you think it was more entertaining than informative, don’t put down your popcorn just yet. Whether it’s third-party, vendor, or supplier risk you’re managing, Rapid Ratings has a list of the five lessons risk managers can learn from the event.

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Preparing Buyers For Difficult Supplier Conversations – We Check Out Rapid Ratings’ New Offering

September 12, 2016

Spend Matters' Pierre Mitchell takes a deeper dive into Rapid Ratings' new offering, Financial Dialogue. The Financial Dialogue report packages up Rapid Rating’s FHR (Financial Health Rating) score, CHS (Core Health Score) and supporting FHR components and data analytics into a scripted conversational guide that buyers can use to support their discussions with suppliers regarding “data of concern.”

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After Brexit: How European Supply Chains Will Be Transformed

September 6, 2016

It's been more than two months since the United Kingdom voted to withdraw from the European Union, but the shock waves aren't close to subsiding - especially with regard to the impact on global supply chains. Rose Kelly-Falls, senior vice president of supplier risk management with Rapid Ratings International, says companies need to prioritize their essential suppliers within Europe, then ask the right questions.

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Why Google, Microsoft and Walmart are gobbling up tech companies

August 16, 2016

"You've got a lot of the large tech companies that have been doing well. They have a lot of cash and they have a lot of shareholder pressure to do something with that cash," says James Gellert, CEO of Rapid Ratings, an independent financial health ratings and analytics firm.

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Supply Chains Are Riskier Than Ever. Do Companies Realize It?

August 15, 2016

Within complex global supply chains, there are more opportunities than ever before for disruption, especially with regard to the health of key suppliers. Companies must find ways to keep tabs on those crucial partners, with an eye toward heading off disaster. According to a new report by A.T. Kearney and Rapid Ratings International, risk management has declined as a priority within procurement organizations. In this conversation, excerpted from an episode of The SupplyChainBrain Podcast, we get some best practices for managing supplier risk from Rose Kelly-Falls, senior vice president of Rapid Ratings, and Carrie Ericson, vice president with A.T. Kearney Procurement and Analytic Solutions.

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Fitbit Does It Again; Beats Expectations for Earnings, Revenue

August 2, 2016

"Fitbit has been pushing to stay atop the latest fitness fads, investing heavily to drive sales and reduce the time between product launches," says James Gellert, CEO of Rapid Ratings, a financial health ratings firm. "The next few quarters will tell if these high operating costs are the company’s norm, but it seems like the company is able to envision the next big thing and act on it quickly."

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Facebook: Earnings Catapult FB Stock to All-Time Highs

July 27, 2016

"Unlike Twitter, which as we saw yesterday is struggling across the board, Facebook is doing a nice job of maintaining its momentum, launching new products that connect with both users and advertisers, and they're monetizing them nicely," says James Gellert, CEO of Rapid Ratings, a financial health ratings firm.

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Facebook schools everyone and wins social network earnings, again

July 27, 2016

“Talk about divide and conquer. In addition to a platform that runs like a well-oiled-machine, its acquisitions of Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus make it stand out in the forward-thinking space," said James Gellert, CEO of Rapid Ratings, a financial health ratings company. "Diversifying assets, adding new products and maintaining a level of leverage and liquidity, has made Facebook a winner, time and time again."

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