Client Success

“The level of customer service and responsiveness that we receive from Rapid Ratings by far exceeds the benchmarks established by any other providers we work with. Rapid Ratings immediately responds to any requests we make and is willing to go out of their way to accommodate our needs.”

Manager, Credit Risk

Global Mining Firm

Committed to Unparallelled Service Experience

In addition to our leading technology and analytics, Rapid Ratings is known for providing an unparalleled service experience.  Rapid Ratings’ Client Success team is responsible for all aspects of product onboarding, support, training, and ratings delivery.  We are committed to partnering with our clients and serve as a resource throughout the relationship.

We empower clients to fully leverage the power of our analytics and solutions. We understand how important and sensitive your risk-based decision making can be, and support your efforts with professionalism, accuracy, and understanding.

Our Client Success team takes care to personally coordinate your onboarding and implementation, and will stay engaged over time. We are also ratings experts who can speak with you to better understand the drivers of a particular rating or report, without limit.  We are committed to your success:  let us know what you’d like to accomplish, and we can determine the best path forward.

  • Help you maintaining an active and robust universe of companies
  • Receive guidance from our team of experts on our ratings and solutions
  • Collect financial data confidentially from your partners
  • Provide customized training and onboarding support
  • Assist you with advanced data integration