Credit Risk Management

“Rapid Ratings’ in-depth, independent ratings analysis on hundreds of our public and private counterparties globally has become an integral part of our credit process. Their reports, and the early warning they provide as to the true financial health of a business, is embedded in our risk management process today.”

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Greg Cortez
Director, Credit & Compliance Risk
Hess Corporation

Credit Risk Management Solutions

Rapid Ratings provides comprehensive solutions to help businesses not only manage risks but also enhance opportunities. Rapid Ratings provides clarity of analysis and predictive insights that enable credit professionals to understand the financial viability of their customers, trading counterparties, suppliers and vendors in order to facilitate commercial activity while managing risks and avoiding losses.

Incorporate Company Financial Health in Credit Decisions

Our quantitative Financial Health Rating (FHR®) is calibrated to predict a company’s risk of bankruptcy or default over the next 12 months.  We enable credit teams to extend and price credit, avoid the impact of company deterioration or default, and identify potential opportunities for new or expanded business. Rapid Ratings’ scalable solution adds efficiency to your credit team’s process and workflow.
With global reach, Rapid Ratings provides an FHR on thousands of public and private companies in over 100 countries on behalf of our clients.  Our proprietary technology and methodology is proven to be far more accurate and forward-looking than traditional risk and ratings tools that rely on qualitative judgments, payment history, or market pricing inputs.

Same Depth of Analysis for Public and Private Companies, Globally

Rapid Ratings is the only firm to provide the same depth of analysis on public and private companies globally. This enables organizations to assess the financial health of public and private companies across industries and geographies with the same unparalleled consistency, reliability, and transparency.

  • Perform enterprise-wide historical and predictive analysis on your entire counterparty portfolio
  • Gain insight into financial deterioration and estimated probability of default earlier than with traditional credit tools
  • Rate credit worthiness on both public and private counterparties globally in any industry and on a common basis.
  • Gain efficiencies to save time, money, and resources across your credit risk management process
  • Deep, quantitative insights
  • Calibrated to rate public and private companies globally
  • Intuitive reports customizable based on your defined parameters
  • Seamless integration into your credit process and existing workflows
  • Global calibration means teams across the globe can manage risk of global counterparties on the same basis, providing a consistent language and metric from which to evaluate global risk
  • Daily news alerts and ratings notifications
  • Unparalleled client service