Capital Markets Trading

“The primary benefit has been the opportunity for us to differentiate our services from those of our competition. As fixed income execution becomes increasingly commoditized, we are positioned as a point not only of access but as a source of expert advice. Our association with Rapid Ratings has enhanced our capabilities, breadth of service, and, ultimately, our clients’ satisfaction levels.”

Maurice Kauff
Managing Director
Northern Capital

Capital Markets Trading Solutions

To miss the early signals of critical change in a company or an industry is to subject a trading portfolio to unnecessary risk and opportunity cost. Traders need to anticipate the perceptions and trends that empower them to take action.
Rapid Ratings provides comprehensive solutions enabling equity and fixed income traders to capitalize on forward-looking and predictive analysis to find unrecognized opportunity. Rapid Ratings measures companies and industry sectors to find operating and financial efficiencies as well as to find bankruptcy vulnerability more broadly and frequently than any other ratings or analytics firm.

Predictive, Quantitative Insight for Equity and Fixed Income Traders

Our proprietary FHR® (Financial Health Rating), the industry’s leading assessment of company financial health provides unique insight into unrecognized opportunities.  When applied to a wide variety of names, the FHR and our Core Health Score (CHS) have been proven to correlate highly with increased returns and lower volatility.
The FHR provides early signals of company and sector declines and revivals that credit and equity traders do not receive elsewhere, signals that our reports describe in detail.  Stock, bond and CDS pricing is not adequate to provide signals in advance of market knowledge.  FHRs contain no market pricing or market cap inputs, thereby reducing volatility in signals, isolating credit specific risk and allowing absolute comparisons of companies regardless of their market liquidity.

Maintain Portfolio Oversight to Manage Aggregate Risk

We publish updated FHRs and rationales as often as companies reports financials.  Fixed income and equity traders can access our individual company and/or sector-focused reports at any time to understand which components are responsible for changes in financial health.  They can also maintain oversight of portfolios of names to manage aggregate risks, monitor watch lists and receive alerts on ratings changes throughout the year.

Take advantage of our monitoring tools to most efficiently scan our universe of over 11,000 public companies currently under coverage and detect uncorrelated signals that best serve your particular style and objectives.

  • Evaluate entire portfolios consistently
  • Scan public universe in 100+ countries on any of 9 criteria
  • Find unrecognized opportunity
  • Anticipate, not just observe, deterioration
  • Identify early improvement signals
  • Assess upcoming IPOs
  • Clear and early signals of distress and recovery with demonstrated efficacy
  • Industry-specific, quantitative insights with global calibration
  • Daily news alerts and ratings notifications
  • Customizable reporting with compelling and comprehensive ratings rationales
  • Seamless workflow integration with existing processes
  • Unparalleled client service