Commercial Insurance Underwriting

Commercial Insurance Underwriting Solutions

Rapid Ratings’ Financial Health Rating (FHR) is the industry’s leading assessment of public and private company financial health. The FHR allows insurers to fully understand the financial health of their corporate policyholders and new applicants to more efficiently price and measure risk. Rely on our predictive analytics to price risk appropriately, assess the likelihood of future claims, and measure overall credit exposure to sophisticated risk-sharing programs.

Enhance Underwriting Risk Assessment

Rapid Ratings for Insurance Underwriting measures a company’s financial health and operating efficiency compared with its global industry peers.  The FHR’s quantitative system delivers early, actionable insight that enhances our clients’ underwriting risk assessments process and brings new efficiencies to their workflows.  We are the only firm to rate both public and private companies globally on the same basis, providing a true apples-to-apples comparison on a straightforward and consistent 0-100 scale.

The FHR for Specialty Insurance Products

A growing number of insurers rely on the FHR across specialty insurance product lines such as directors and officers liability (D&O) insurance, and trade credit, as well as to assess the credit risk assumed in large, sophisticated property and casualty (P&C) programs, large deductible workers compensation, and other loss sensitive programs.
Our methodology is proven to be more predictive and accurate than traditional methods of assessing underwriting risk.

The FHR also supports third-party and vendor risk management initiatives, and allows asset management professionals to make better-informed investment, lending, and trading decisions.

  • Expected probability of default (EPD%) and forward-looking assessment of a company’s default risk helps mitigate and avoid claims under D&O insurance policies
  • Accurate assessment of credit risk provides valuable insight in the underwriting of credit insurance programs
  • Assessment of public and privately-held companies on the same basis provides an apples-to-apples comparison of counterparties
  • Supports the ORSA (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment) compliance process
  • Proven alignment with underwriting workflow processes
  • Easy to read and thorough reporting and analysis
  • Daily news alerts and ratings notifications
  • Program and data integration with internal application platforms
  • Portfolio reporting for reviews, action required and auditing