Investment & Risk Management

Investment & Risk Management Solutions

Rapid Ratings serves credit and equity investors singularly in asset selection and surveillance. We deliver in-depth, quantitative analysis and comprehensive solutions across asset classes to meet our clients’ investments needs.  
Rapid Ratings is not paid by companies we rate and we are not influenced by rated companies’ management or bankers in the ratings process, assuring objectivity and avoiding conflicts of interest that plague the traditional ratings industry.

Gain Visibility of Your Portfolios, Test Scenarios, and Make Future Investment Decisions

Rapid Ratings provides fund and investments managers the insights, reports, and tools necessary to gain unprecedented visibility into their portfolios to make investment decisions and monitor current positions.
Our solution for Investment & Risk Management enables investment and portfolio managers to test “what-if” scenarios and arrive at the best possible investment conclusions, helping them take advantage of investment opportunities while minimizing risks.

Predictive, Quantitative Insights for Fund & Investment Managers

Our proprietary FHR® (Financial Health Rating), the industry’s leading assessment of company financial health, reflects company viability over the next 12 months.   The Core Health Score (CHS) is a comprehensive measure of operating and financial efficiency, reflecting viability over the next 2-3 years.

Low FHRs identify companies facing imminent pressures that the market may not yet recognize. Sharp differentials between the shorter term FHR and the longer term CHS will strongly suggest the direction future FHRs will take – again, in a way the market may not yet recognize.

When applied across a portfolio of names, the FHR provides unique insight for unrecognized opportunity and has been proven to correlate highly with increased returns and lower volatility.

  • Examine the liability structure of your investments in detail with the Fixed Income Report
  • Gain visibility into trends and identify the latest winners and losers  with 31 US Sector Reports and 33 Country Reports
  • The Peer Benchmark Report compares the company’s key financials to those of its US sector as a whole, to provide context
    • Clear and early signals of distress and recovery with demonstrated efficacy
    • Daily news alerts and ratings notifications
    • Peer Benchmark Report compares the company’s key financials to those of its US sector as a whole