Supplier Risk Management

“We are impressed and gratified by the role Rapid Ratings has taken in our workflow. Their quality of customer support, easily interpretable and accurate data, and ability to rate public and private companies on a common basis have made them an excellent addition to our risk mitigation strategy.”

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SCM Risk Management

Supplier Risk Management Solutions

Of all of the business functions, the global supply chain has perhaps the most direct exposure to the widest variety of risks: operations, compliance, product, security, business continuity.  Front page news of security breaches, disruptions, and fraud caused by third-parties has elevated the role of supplier risk management and procurement from a tactical, back-office function into a critical, front-office operation.

Rapid Ratings provides visibility into the financial stability of global suppliers and vendors, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, identify and leverage supplier strengths, and initiate risk mitigation strategies as needed.

The Insight Needed To Mitigate Disruptions and Protect Your Bottom Line

In today’s global economy, as more and more companies develop business relationships into complex supply chains, successful procurement organizations have learned that financial health is a critical KRI (key risk indicator) as part of sourcing and ongoing supplier management. Assessing supplier financial health is paramount to identifying and mitigating risks and to an organization’s operations, reputation, and bottom line.
Our quantitative Financial Health Rating (FHR®) is a true comparison of company financial health delivered on a straightforward and consistent 0-100 scale.   The FHR provides early warning (12 to 18 month forward looking) on a companies’ deterioration or improvement and has been proven to be dramatically more predictive than payment history at identifying strengths and weaknesses. This positions our clients for stronger supplier engagement.

Proven Solutions

We are the only firm to rate public and privately held companies globally, and on the same basis, helping our clients mitigate the risk of disruption. We offer proven solutions for obtaining financial information from tens of thousands of privately held companies to assess them with the same depth of analysis as public companies.

  • Assess financial stability  of public & privately held suppliers
  • Avoid supplier disruption and protect your  bottom line
  • Identify and leverage supplier strengths to improve supplier relationships
  • Enhance or build supplier risk management processes
  • Seamlessly integrate the FHR into other existing systems via API
  • Forward-looking, predictive and accurate analytics
  • In-depth and easy-to-interpret reports for non-financial professionals
  • Detailed training and dedicated client service support to address questions
  • Daily news alerts and ratings notifications
  • Document collection and custom survey service