Analytics & Reporting

Financial Health Rating (FHR®) Reports

Our FHR will allow you to measure your risk, but how will you manage it?  Rapid Ratings generates over 15 unique, analytic reports to provide the insight your need to fully understand the potential risks of a counterparty.  Our reports deliver a clear rationale of the rating allowing you to focus on how this company could affect your business.  Our multiple report options help you evaluate the financial health of your third parties – understand the individual company risk, portfolio-level risk, and macro factors for evaluating entire sectors and countries.

Each report will provide tailored information to view a comprehensive analysis on your customers, suppliers, and vendors.  Summary statistics provide you with a quick overview on their risk profile. Read our detailed descriptions and commentary for an objective understanding of potential risk issues.  View charts and diagrams for a visual representation of key information.  Dive into the details with the tables of financial ratios to comprehend where strengths and weaknesses lie.



Company-Specific FHR Reports

Our signature Financial Health Rating (FHR) Report provides a deep-dive into the financial health of a target company and presents the company’s current and historical risk trend data for up to nine years, its strengths and weaknesses with a peer comparison, and full financial statements.   In addition to the comprehensive FHR Report, additional company-specific reports include:

  • Peer Benchmark Report: Compares a company’s performance and risk characteristics to those of its sector. Benchmarked metrics include the FHR and Core Health Score, Performance Scores, high-level financials, and key ratios.
  • Non-Financial Report: An FHR Report without any of the actual financial details for private companies that will not release financial data to their partners. Only the risk analysis results are provided in this report.
  • Fixed Income Report: Illustrates the company’s debt capital structure and maturity schedule, as well as its ability to meet its obligations.
  • Bank Report: Provides a comprehensive perspective for companies in the banking industry with a specific focus on capital adequacy and profitability performance.