Country & Sector Reports

Sector and Country Reports

Our macro level reports help you understand the FHR trends, averages, and risk characteristics for an entire sector or a specific country.  These reports act as a benchmark for an individual company or an entire portfolio to help you assess potential third parties, counterparties, or investments within that universe.  Trend analysis, health momentum distribution, and risk category distribution enhance your understanding of the macro-level risk.  Reports include:

  • Sector Report: Provides an overview of the risk profiles of each of Rapid Ratings’ 32 sectors and how these sectors are changing over time. This report includes a highlighted risk summary, average trends, and top upgrades and downgrades within that sector.
  • Sector Comparison Report: An array representing the average FHR and delta allows you to quickly compare sector averages to the US Coverage Universe and assess the health momentum distribution.
  • Country Report: Provides a financial health overview of a country’s corporate environment and allows you to compare individual companies to its specific country.
  • Country Comparison Report: Details the average FHR, average annual delta, and number of companies in coverage for each country.