Financial Dialogue

“Our goal is to arm our people with a tool that can guide an intelligent conversation about the supplier’s current financial status and what’s driving it – this report helps drive that conversation.”

Fortune 100 Manufacturer

Change the Way You Manage Risk

Our newest report provides you with a conversation guide for supplier reviews.  The Financial Dialogue identifies and prioritizes the most relevant financial questions you should be asking your suppliers.  We provide the top five financial health questions to ask during a financial evaluation, straightforward discussion points to guide an intelligent conversation, and informative content surrounding the financials.  This report is easily digestible for those with various financial backgrounds and can substantially decrease prep time and effort for your supplier reviews.

Prioritization of Top 5 Financial Issues

We prioritize the most significant financial issues to address during a financial discussion with a supplier in a concise manner.  The key questions we identify offer a balanced perspective, including both the supplier’s unique challenges and their notable strengths.

Business-Focused Discussion Points to Guide Conversation

Strengthen communication and collaboration with your suppliers by engaging in the right conversation.  Our open-ended questions are based on solid financial data and include concise discussion points  enabling anyone to lead intelligent discussions on financial health.

Education on Financial Impact to a Business

Increase your understanding of the key financial topics regardless of your financial background.  We provide detailed explanations of the impact and relevance of financial ratios, how those numbers affect a supplier, and why certain questions are important for that supplier.  This allows you to focus on questions about business activities underlying the financials in order to get to the root of the issue or concern.

  • Enables procurement and supply chain professionals with various levels of financial expertise to engage confidently with their suppliers in financial health reviews
  • Substantially decreases time spent analyzing financials and preparing talking points for these reviews
  • Creates a trusting and collaborative relationship with suppliers by providing a balanced agenda of targeted key concerns while acknowledging notable strengths
  • Builds employee knowledge and comprehension of key financial topics and their relevance to a business
  • Identifies and prioritizes the most concerning characteristics by providing the top 5 questions on financial health
  • Educational and informative content provides context and the impact of financial health concerns to a business
  • Business-focused language ensures users of all levels of financial expertise can utilize the report confidently
  • Notable strengths included in top 5 questions to facilitate a balanced discussion based on collaboration and partnership