Financial Statement Sourcing

Meaningful financial insight requires meaningful financial data

Every rating we produce depends on comprehensive analysis of a company’s financial statements, whether public or private. Since private companies do not generally publish financial statements, you may not have access to these confidential documents – which presents one of the most ubiquitous challenges for firms transacting with private companies.

Rapid Ratings works with your private partners to collect financial data on your behalf

Rapid Ratings can help by working directly with your private partners to collect their financial data on your behalf.  We employ technology and process to ensure that our collection efforts are secure and confidential. Our team of trained professionals works efficiently and sensitively with tens of thousands of companies around the world. They are experts in our solutions, and can answer questions that your private company counterparties may have about our ratings methodology, privacy policies, and more to successfully provide you with an FHR® and related reporting.

A Unique Service

This unique service from Rapid Ratings is integrated into the workflows of many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated corporations and financial institutions.  In addition to providing you with confidential ratings, we can help you to offer a survey to your partners, and to collect additional documents.

  • Trained professionals work with tens of thousands of companies globally to provide you with primary source financial information and analysis to enable transparency and clarity on private companies’ financial health
  • Work directly with your partners to securely and confidentially collect their financial data on your behalf
  • Sensitively act as an extension for your third-party relationship management to ensure we’re in sync with your communication style and objectives with your private counterparties