Enterprise Risk Management

Financial Health Rating for Enterprise Risk Management

The pervasiveness of corporate risks and security breaches, coupled with regulatory demands have placed significant importance on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). ERM’s purpose is to align performance and risk with the goals and objectives of the business. Boards of directors can’t afford to be reactive when it comes to risk management and turn to ERM to identify and mitigate financial, reputational, operational, and strategic risks throughout the organization.

Rapid Ratings helps enterprise risk professionals gain visibility into the financial strength of their global third-parties, in order to mitigate risk with optimum timing, increase profitability and build organizational resiliency.


Gain Insight into Financial Stability of Third-Parties Globally

Today, enterprise risk must have a more watchful eye on the company’s global third-parties including both public and privately held companies.  Assessment of third-parties including customers, trading counterparties, suppliers, vendors, and investments are necessary to meet regulatory requirements, mitigate risks, maintain business continuity, and increase the bottom line.

Rapid Ratings’ proprietary FHR® (Financial Health Rating) provides insight into the financial stability of third-parties, globally.  Our quantitative methodology presents a 0 to 100 score analyzing public and private companies globally on the same basis and with the same depth of analysis.   The FHR forward-looking analysis is calibrated to predict the company’s deterioration or improvement over the next 12-18 months.

Assess Financial Viability of Private Companies

Not all third-parties are publically-traded companies.  Oftentimes, obtaining financial information for privately held companies can be challenging as there is often an unwillingness to disclose.  Rapid Ratings helps ERM professionals gain visibility into financial viability of privately held companies.  Our Solicitation Team works with hundreds of global clients and tens of thousands of private companies around the world successfully obtaining this information for essential insight into the risk associated with financial viability.

  • Assess financial stability of public and privately held counterparties, globally
  • Increase efficiency and improve timely risk management and mitigation plans
  • Fluid and easy to consume insight for risk management oversight
  • Avoid unexpected business disruption and protect your business’ bottom line