Finance & Treasury

Financial Health Rating for Finance & Treasury

Recent trends in enterprise risk management (ERM) represent a noticeable shift towards balancing regulatory requirement with C-suite and board level expectations requiring corporate treasurers to expanding beyond traditional oversight of liquidity and capital risk, foreign exchange and IR exposure. Today, corporate treasurers play a critical role in supporting the organizations risk management strategies in areas including operational risk, compliance, corporate governance, business continuity, value chain, and supply-chain.

Transparency into Counterparty Financial Health

Another area of significant focus for corporate treasurers continues to be counterparty risk management.  Financial transactions involving counterparties include business and trade finance, trade guarantees, repurchase agreements, derivatives and insurance policies.  Treasurers must ensure they know the full exposure to any particular counterparty and risk associated with these counterparties can have significant impact on bottom line and assessment of the counterparty’s financial stability continues to be a leading indicator for risk management and oversight.

Insight into the Financial Stability of Counterparties

The FHR® provides insight in the financial stability of counterparties. It enables treasury and finance professionals to more effectively provide guidance with early warning and successful risk mitigation deployed and adds efficiency to the ERM process and workflow.  Our comprehensive solutions help treasurers manage counterparty risk, avoid losses, and enhance opportunities with proforma review, peer comparison, country and sector analysis globally.

  • Improve ERM insight, efficiency, and risk mitigation workflows
  • Gain visibility into public and private ratings on financial stability, on the same basis globally
  • Evaluate entire portfolios consistently with the same depth of analysis
  • Avoid business disruption and protect your bottom line