FHRX carroll comms blog imagery-10The world’s supply chains have never been more interdependent as they are today. And as a global pandemic continues to redefine modern commerce, one thing is certain—to have stronger suppliers, we need stronger relationships with suppliers.
I spoke with Byron Carroll, President and Founder of Carroll Communications, Inc—a US-based, veteran-owned small business. By incorporating a data-based, objective assessment, his company has grown three-fold against a commercial environment like no other. That success has also brought myriad benefits to both downstream clients and upstream suppliers—for a more resilient chain and partnership ecosystem, overall.
Carroll Communications—awarded a new Department of VA contract in Texas (for the Installation of new Access Control/Physical Security Card Readers)—has been using The FHR Exchange™ and their own Financial Health Rating to advance those partnerships across the globe.
In fact, they’ve seen record growth and recognition since joining—launching a Spanish-language website for expanded demand in Central and South America, while also winning the Department of Defense’s FY 2020 Nunn-Perry Award for DMCA (recognizing excellence in the DOD Mentor Protégé Program).

Read our full conversation below.


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