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FHR Network Spotlight: Carroll Communications (Part I)

In December, we wrote an open letter to private company suppliers around the world. The world’s supply chain has never been more interdependent as it is today. And as a global pandemic continues to redefine modern commerce, one thing is certain—to have stronger suppliers, we need stronger relationships with suppliers.   Recently, I spoke with Byron Carroll, President and Founder of Carroll Communications, Inc—a US-based, veteran-owned small business. By incorporating a data-based, objective assessment, his

Big October; Listed, Mentioned, and Recognized

RapidRatings Listed in the Spend Matters Almanac and ProcureTech100 for 2021 For many companies around the world, this October has been a defining month.   Beyond the typical trappings that come with any budget season, there are new, late-stage pandemic priorities, adjustments, and concerns that are top-of-mind for chiefs of sourcing, procurement, risk, and finance.  Just a few weeks ago, at the Americas Procurement Congress in Boston, some of the most influential leaders in procurement and sourcing discussed many of those priorities: delivering cost savings,

Is The Adrenaline Enough?

Last year, we predicted that the pandemic would exacerbate pre-existing weaknesses in the financial health of both public and private companies across industries. Among 24 out of 30 industry categories, there was an average six-point drop in core health from YE ‘19 to YE ‘20. This type of fundamental deterioration of US corporates is significant. But while the prediction has generally played out—with average core health scores dropping across the board [Figure 1]—we’re now in

Future-Chain—The Bold Face of Risk Management in Five Years

[This piece was originally posted on the Procurement Foundry blog] As with any evolution, a species must adapt to survive. For businesses (of any kind) in the next five years, adaptation will require the adoption of bold, proactive, and cross-team risk management tactics underpinned by technology. Technology that will magnify—without diluting—critical and timely information. Technology that will continuously apply datasets based on the businesses that survive and thrive—not just the ones that fail—for an efficient

Even in The Pandemic Era, The Fundamentals Still Matter

 ‘Change’ is not an unfamiliar word in the fashion industry.   But in recent years, it’s been a loaded one—as stores began to shift from brick and mortar to eCommerce. Inherent in this major trend was (and is) a complete reshaping of legacy companies’ operating models, operating efficiencies, inventory management, human capital, and much more. In the pandemic era, the new model (and all its conveniences to boards and customers alike) has taken on an
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