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Reading the Tea Leaves: 7 Indications Your Global Supply Chain May Be at Risk

With the next supply chain risk disruption right around the corner, here are seven signals to proactively monitor in 2019. A key supplier shuts its doors. A critical component is no longer available. A product is not up to standard and has to be recalled. Any one of these problems—let alone all of them at once—can bring operations to a grind or worse yet, a standstill, but many times the issues aren’t caught until it’s

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Opponents Gather Steam in May

The month of May is shaping up to be a notable one on the CECL front now that the 116th Congress has organized and is settling into its business. CECL Opponents Pushing Back On May 6th, a delegation of 25 U.S. House members published a letter to SEC Chairman Jay Clayton, in which they expressed concern about CECL’s prospective impact on credit cost and availability, especially on the consumer side – concern based on the

CECL Saga Update – FASB Rebuffs the Regional Banks

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) just took another important step in the runup to CECL implementation, scheduled for January 2020 for SEC registrants and later for others. CECL watchers will recall that, amidst the crescendo of attacks on FASB in the second half of 2018 from banks, their national and state associations and Congressional Republicans, one of the most noteworthy events was the November release of a proposal by an alliance of 20 prominent

Supplier Risk Management Best Practices: 6 Characteristics of Top Risk Programs

In today’s business environment, risk management continues to gain widespread recognition as a critical factor in protecting your business’ performance and ultimately your bottom line. Building a strong risk management program is a necessity to maintain continuity of quality, product, and supply while increasing revenue and growing margins. That’s why a robust risk management program has become a mandate from many boards and executive management teams. Supply chain and procurement management need increasing visibility and

FASB in the Clinches: Notes on the CECL Public Meeting of 1/28/19

FASB just held its long-awaited public meeting on CECL. Contrary to the expectations of many, it was not a heated procession of opponents arguing against CECL from all sides. Rather, it was a gathering of interested parties, including several familiar TRG members, whose purpose was to address a single “Proposal.” FASB had received it on November 5th from 21 major financial institutions intent on diminishing the threat they perceived in CECL to the availability, price
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