RapidRatings COVID-19 Preparedness

Dear RapidRatings Clients,

RapidRatings is working closely to monitor and understand how COVID-19 is impacting populations globally. We appreciate that there continues to be significant near-term uncertainty and we are committed to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our community members. Central to this objective is ensuring continuous availability of service so our clients can protect their own communities and businesses.

We maintain a robust business continuity plan and are coordinating additional resources to protect against new risks to service delivery as they emerge. Additionally, we are engaging directly with clients to assess and report on the relative level of risk exposures within their portfolios in the regions and industries most affected currently.

Here is a summary of steps RapidRatings has taken to protect our employees and clients:

  • Enacted updated travel guidance that limits and reduces professional and personal travel for our team.
  • Established elevated office access to cleaning and hygiene products and installed prominent visual reminders of hygiene and health standards.
  • Documented and tested remote recovery capabilities to ensure business continuity of all operations.
  • Introduced comprehensive work-from home policy and published strict guidelines around self-quarantine protocols for sick or symptomatic employees.
  • Conducted and published targeted research to help our clients assess vulnerabilities in their global supplier and counterparty communities. This work is ongoing. Some of this is general and some bespoke.  We encourage and invite you to communicate with your RapidRatings’ team contacts if we can collaborate with you specifically on any analysis.

Additionally, we are being mindful of our clients’ own policies on travel, office visit restrictions, etc., and are pleased to receive any guidance on these that you produce.

If you are impacted and seeking assistance, have questions, or would like to have a more detailed discussion, please contact our Client Success team at +1 (646) 233-4563 or support@rapidratings.com.

Most importantly, we are all hoping that you, your families and your colleagues remain in good health during this time.


Kind regards,

James Gellert
Chairman & CEO, RapidRatings

Nitin K. Walia
Chief Client Officer



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