The FHR Network®

A New Standard for Business

Suppliers, vendors and other members can demonstrate resiliency using the FHR Network to build more trusted relationships. Enterprise clients can gain insight into the financial health rating of all private companies in their supply chain while minimizing program costs.




Gain access to more FHRs and scale your risk management program. Get broader and deeper supply chain visibility.



Leverage the industry standard for demonstrating financial health to grow your business.



Would you like to understand more about the financial health of your suppliers?

Gain greater visibility into supplier risks by scaling access to private company financial health ratings.

  • Increase FHR coverage for a more effective and affordable risk management program
  • Streamline workflows for both enterprise and suppliers to leverage the industry standard FHR
  • Keep ratings current with automatic updates when members refresh and share their financial statements


Are you a supplier who has been asked to join the FHR Network?

Join the FHR Network to easily and securely share your FHR® with any customer or prospect. As a member, you benefit through your ability to:

  • Learn: Gain competitive insights and benchmark financial performance
  • Grow: Get discovered and win new business. Choose how you’d like to share your financial health with the Network
  • Protect: Access financial health reports on suppliers and vendors to protect your brand


Invest in Quality Relationships

RapidRatings is the leader in bringing transparency to business relationships. See how the FHR Network helps you dramatically increase risk management coverage without increasing the cost of your program. As a supplier, learn how you benefit from becoming a member in the FHR Network.

Join the FHR Network

Have you calculated how much time you’ve spent responding to multiple requests on financial health? Join the FHR Network to streamline your disclosures and build stronger business relationships.

become a member

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