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Rapid Ratings Launches Company Comparison Report

May 6, 2014

Rapid Ratings Launches Company Comparison Report

New York, May 6, 2014 — Rapid Ratings International, Inc., a financial risk analytics firm, today announced the launch of its Company Comparison Report, a powerful new visualization tool that enables clients to compare up to five public and private companies side by side. In addition to Rapid Ratingsʼ objective Financial Health Rating (FHR®) and commentary about each companyʼs financial and operating viability, the report enables users to add metrics and comments of their choosing, to illustrate how the companies compare in areas such as cost, timing, duration of relationship, or exposure. The report allows users to view specific strengths and weaknesses within each company in detail, and compare data across the group.

The ability to compare suppliers/vendors, counterparties or investment opportunities on equal footing is invaluable for competitive analyses, requests for proposals, potential partnership considerations and investment research. This new reporting capability highlights differences at a fundamental level to streamline usersʼ analyses and eliminate the need to manually create spreadsheets. Users will be able to visualize the side-by-side comparison of counterparties in charts and graphs, and easily edit the information that is presented. For sourcing professionals, the report also offers a clean, intuitive layout that can help them present and validate selections in leadership reviews.

“Weʼve developed a reputation for providing predictive insight into financial health, and this report lets our clients use that insight to compare companies simultaneously on a forward- looking basis,” said James H. Gellert, CEO and chairman of Rapid Ratings. “New developments like this report underscore our commitment to continually seeking out new ways to help our clients mitigate risk and identify opportunities.”

Rapid Ratingsʼ quantitative system uses financial information from the balance sheet and income statement to generate objective numerical ratings that quantify a companyʼs financial health and efficiency. These FHRs measure a public or privately held companyʼs ability to compete with its global competitors, and predict its likelihood for long-term stability and success. They provide the accurate analysis needed to fully understand the possible risks posed by current and potential counterparties.

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Rapid Ratings provides a supply chain risk management solution that enables companies to most effectively assess the financial health of their suppliers and vendors. We offer Financial Health Ratings (FHR®) on thousands of public and private companies in over 90 countries using a unique proprietary methodology that is proven to outperform traditional risk measures. We save clients money, improve their efficiency and enrich their supplier relationships, giving them the insight they need to proactively manage their suppliers and best protect their businesses. More information can be found at

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