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Rapid Ratings Launches Complimentary Ratings Service, the FHR Watch™

May 12, 2011

Rapid Ratings Launches Complimentary Ratings Service, the FHR WatchTM
Rapid Ratings introduces daily alerts service featuring directional and risk indicators on thousands of global public companies

NEW YORK,May 12, 2011‐ Rapid Ratings™ International Inc. announced Thursday (May 12) that it has launched the FHR WatchTM, the first‐of‐its‐kind, complimentary corporate ratings service.

The FHR Watch allows anyone to learn when Rapid Ratings has changed its quarterly ratings on all public companies in the firm’s coverage universe, currently over 5,000 US and non‐US names. The FHR Watch provides a daily, early‐morning email with the direction of ratings changes (upgrade, downgrade or no change) and risk categories of the rated companies (Very High Risk, High Risk, Medium Risk, Moderate Risk and Low Risk) spanning the FHRTM (Financial Health Ratings) 0‐100 scale.

“The FHR Watch allows us to provide actionable elements of our highly predictive ratings to the market, irrespective of whether the recipient is yet a subscriber to our premium products,” said James H. Gellert, chairman and CEO of Rapid Ratings. “Our paying subscribers receive the actual FHRs, high levels of detail and underlying analytics on individual companies, broad industry sectors and specific portfolios of their investments, customers or suppliers. We’ve created this product in response to significant market inquiry for a complimentary level of service; we’re pleased to be able to respond.”

To sign up for the FHR Watch, one can go to

Studies have shown that over the past 20 years of industrial defaults, 99% were below the FHR investment grade line and 90% were at an FHR of 40 or below, High Risk and Very High Risk categories. Further, academic work has demonstrated that FHRs lead traditional rating agencies in downgrading companies that eventually fail by approximately 3 years. Rapid Ratings is a ‘subscriber‐paid’ firm that receives no fees from the companies it rates, allowing the company to maintain complete independence and to avoid all conflicts of interest.

About Rapid Ratings International
Rapid Ratings International, based in New York City, is an independent ratings and analytics firm that provides ratings of thousands of companies’ financial health for investment and risk management professionals, using a unique, proprietary quantitative ratings system. Rapid Ratings’ Financial Health Ratings (FHRs™) measure a company’s overall ability to remain competitive into the future and provide early, actionable information so that users can evaluate credit risk more accurately, as well as make more well‐informed investment, underwriting and trading decisions. Rapid Ratings’ customers include sell‐side and buy‐side financial institutions’ portfolio and risk managers as well as corporations’ supply chain and credit managers. More information on Rapid Ratings can be found at The company also has a site in the Purdue Research Park of Indianapolis and operations in Australasia. • 646.233.4600 • 86 Chambers Street, Suite 701, New York NY 10007 •



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