Private Company Outreach Associate

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Private Company Outreach Associate

Greater Boston Area (Quincy)

The Opportunity:

Private Company Outreach Associates engage with private companies around the world to enable their participation in our clients’ risk management programs. Associates work with senior management from private companies to facilitate the submission of confidential financial information, guiding these individuals through our programs, models and process. We are actively seeking candidates with foreign language skills. Please indicate if you are fluent in any of the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Italian, Korean, Hindi, or French.

Key Responsibilities:

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Program Expertise. Introduce and explain our business model, products and processes to private companies. Communicate clearly and concisely over telephone and e-mail.
  • Negotiate with Management. You will be facilitating the submission of confidential financial information from senior management leaders. These companies may be cautious about disclosure. Associates much identify and overcome roadblocks efficiently and professionally.
  • Organize Communications. Since we provide extensive reporting to our clients, you will need to carefully document and track your engagement with private companies. Clarity and completeness are equally important.
  • Review Financial Statements for Integrity. Review submissions from private companies to identify unusual or incomplete data. Engage with private companies to clarify or complete the submissions.

Who we are seeking:

  • Strong written and verbal communications.
  • Highly motivated and entrepreneurial.
  • Foreign language experience.

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