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We understand the importance of data-driven decision-making and the role it plays in building a resilient supply chain. Our Supply Chain Health Check provides your business with insights into your supply chain's risk levels.

What's included in the Health Check? 

Discover the insights you need to mitigate risks and optimize your supply chain for success. After filling out a brief supply chain questionnaire, you’ll receive:
Health Check Results
The report estimates the number of your suppliers at risk of bankruptcy over the next 12 months and the potential financial impact on your business. It also quantifies risk distribution and provides sector analysis based on the composition of your supply chain.
Projected Risk Distribution
We show you the distribution of your suppliers across 5 risk categories, ranging from Very High Risk to Very Low Risk.
Industry Risk Analysis
We organize your supplier network into its 5 largest industry sectors, allowing you to identify which industries present higher or lower risk exposure.
Financial Deep Dive
We provide a detailed analysis of cash ratios, leverage, and net profit that illustrates the capacity of your suppliers to withstand financial distress. It provides a matrix view of risk levels across key sectors.

Financial health is your key to mitigating supplier risk

Your supply chain is central to the purpose and function of your business. Our solution allows you to proactively monitor your global supply chain and identify potential risks before they become disruptions.

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