The FHR Network

FHR Network

The FHR Network is a membership network developed to set a new standard of financial health transparency between companies doing business together. Clients, suppliers, vendors, and other third parties can share their Financial Health Rating confidentially and securely. By joining the Network, risk management programs can be more efficiently run, while suppliers and vendors are empowered to win new business and protect their own brand.

The FHR Network is coming soon.

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Supply Chain Risk Management: Why Focus on Financial Health

Deciding which companies to work with is difficult. Your brand is a reflection of the suppliers and vendors that provide critical components and services to your business. Understanding which business partners you can trust and rely on is increasingly challenging as supply chain & third-party ecosystems become longer and more complex. Financial health transparency is the key to understanding your suppliers & vendors’ strengths and weaknesses, building more symbiotic relationships, and trusting your partners to perform at the high standard your business expects.






Predictive Analytics to Gain Competitive Advantage & Mitigate Risk


  • Gain comprehensive visibility of financial risk across your entire third-party ecosystem, including public and private companies
  • Maximize the quality, accuracy and depth of your predictive risk analytics
  • Lower your cost of disruption with increased insight and early warning into distressed suppliers and vendors
  • Minimize risk management costs to procurement as you increase coverage of your private third parties


Private Company Membership Benefits

Private suppliers & vendors have the opportunity to grow and protect their own brand. Membership to the Network allows you to:

Win new business by sharing financial health with prospects

Understand financial strengths and weaknesses compared to peers

Protect your brand with a limited number of FHR reports on suppliers



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