Financial Health System

Explore the Financial Health System

The Financial Health System™ (FHS) conducts the most sophisticated analysis of financial health. Our powerful technology and intuitive reports enable you to operationalize the information to make better business decisions.  Our spectrum of products and solutions enable you to gain visibility into risk across every single supplier, vendor, customer, counterparty or other business partner.

The foundation, the Financial Health Rating, is a single numerical score. RapidRatings creates the FHR by measuring every company against its global industry peers, whether publicly traded or privately held. We source and integrate the financial statements of third-party companies, suppliers, vendors, customers and securities issuers so that you don’t have to.  When private company financial statements are not available, we offer HealthMark™ as an immediate indicator of the financial risk level.

Our process is accurate, scalable and relied upon by the leading companies in the world.

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