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The Financial Health Ratings Firm

Rapid Ratings International delivers forward-looking, actionable insight that is proven to outperform traditional ratings and risk measures. Our objective Financial Health Rating (FHR®) provides a predictive view of a company’s financial strength, operating efficiency, and default probability over the next 12 to 18 months, giving our clients ample time to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunity.

The FHR has provided clear early warnings on problems at companies such as MF Global, Dynegy, Enron, WorldCom, US Steel, Petroplus, the US homebuilders, and others.



Apple Supplier Files for Bankruptcy — Rapid Ratings Warned on Decline in 2012

GT Advanced Technologies, a supplier of synthetic sapphire glass to Apple for many of its products, has filed for bankruptcy. Analysts and journalists are calling the bankruptcy “unanticipated,...

Rapid Ratings Recognized as Leading Supply Chain Solution Provider

Rapid Ratings announced its acknowledgement as a “flexible” and “visionary” solution provider for supply chain managers, as part of the “Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100.” This is t...

Harvard Business Review: How the Market Ruined Twitter

Twitter has transformed from ecosystem to conventional corporation, and it’s driven many to wonder whether the standard venture-capital-to-public-company trajectory is turning out to be entirely...

Insider Monkey: GoPro Inc (GPRO) Passed The Financial Test At Rapid Ratings With An 82 Out Of 100

GoPro Inc is rated 82 out of 100 at Rapid Ratings. “It’s a high rating and basically what this rating is reflecting in GoPro is that they have done a very good job of generating revenues on a very...

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We can rate nearly any public or private company — regardless of size, industry or geographic location — on a common basis.

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