Assessing Vendor Stability – The Growing Importance of Vendor Risk Management in Financial Services

A whitepaper that discusses why financial services firms should assess their third party risk due to the growing list of regulations and the increasing importance of understanding their financial risk of your counterparties.


Hitting the Mark: Supply Chain Resilience

A new whitepaper by Rapid Ratings that shows how examining financial health of your suppliers can lead to a more resilient supply chain. Read the whitepaper to understand supply chain resilience, its tie to greater financial health, and get key recommendations for developing and honing a resilient supply chain.


Is Your Luck Running Out? Managing Supply Risk in Uncertain Times

A report by A.T. Kearney & Rapid Ratings that finds that managing risk has fallen to the bottom of the list of priorities for procurement with most CPOs citing lack of bandwidth and budget as the biggest roadblocks to proactively managing supply chain risks. The report identifies how resilient organizations are able to quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve latent risk in extended supply chains.