Agile Risk Indication for All Third Parties

RapidRatings’ HealthMark™ is an instant indicator of financial risk level for millions of private companies worldwide to inform time-sensitive decisions when financial statements aren’t available.

The common factor for good business decisions is the ability to quickly and easily access accurate data to support and inform the decision-making process.

Financial health is the gateway for understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities associated with the vast ecosystem of business relationships.  When it comes to managing financial risk of third-parties, risk and procurement teams depend on timely and accurate analysis on every company they buy from, sell to, or partner with – BOTH public and private.  However, access to updated and thorough information on private companies has often been challenging if not  unattainable.

Exclusive to RapidRatings

HealthMark leverages the performance data of private companies within the world's most significant supply chains—which is exclusive to RapidRatings. Rolling data refreshes give you sharper, timely insights into the long tail of your supply chain or counterparties.



One Platform, One Risk Framework

Businesses work with a spectrum of third parties ranging from strategic partners, critical suppliers, down to providers of commodity products. Not every third-party relationship requires the same level of analysis. RapidRatings provides a single platform to access financial health and viability assessment data of every single supplier, vendor, customer or counterparty – including private companies!



With HealthMark, You'll Be Able to:

Prioritize the right relationships for a deeper analysis in a Financial Health Rating

Maximize quality of analytics and gain efficiencies using one risk framework

Consolidate spend on program while increasing risk visibility

What Goes Into a HealthMark?

Private company analytics can have a wide variety of the data depth used to calculate the score. HealthMark includes a data-depth indicator to provide confidence in the score accuracy, with inputs including:

Selected Financials

Trade Payments

Firmographic Data

Aggregated FHR insights





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