Vendor & third party risk management

The FHR® helps Third Party Risk Mangers significantly reduce exposure to vendor risk. It analyzes and rates the risk of the private and public companies who supply your business with goods and services.

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Third party risk visibility drives better business decisions

Third party vendors are critical for businesses. Financial health gives you clarity on the ability of your third parties to meet their commitments to your business. RapidRatings’ third party risk management solution—the FHR—reveals a vendor's underlying strengths and exposes areas of weaknesses. It gives you an actionable, accurate, and scalable risk rating for both private and public companies in your vendor network.

The FHR®: the bedrock of financial health analysis

A company’s financial health is the top indicator of its ability to perform. The FHR® is the most accurate rating of financial health in the world, based on your vendor's actual financial data. It rates the short- and medium-term viability of both private and public companies.

"Diverse businesses provide us with the greatest opportunity to offer innovative, high-quality, cost-effective business solutions for our customers…[financial health reviews] help us work more effectively with these businesses.”

Director of Supplier Risk
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