The FHR and Ratings Process

The FHR® is a forward-looking, comprehensive financial health rating that provides you with a thorough, objective view of your company’s financial health, risk of default, and unique insights critical to understanding yourself, your industry peers, and your competitors.

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How to Use the FHR®

Using the FHR, you can identify your company's financial strengths and weaknesses. Your customers use the FHR to mitigate risk and protect their supply chain and vendor ecosystems. Through RapidRatings, you and your customers can foster collaboration and avoid disruptions on both ends of your partnership.
Bolster resiliency and better collaborate with buyers
Win new business opportunities
Understand your financial health to improve your business
See how your business compares to peers
Mitigate supplier and third party risk
Protect your brand reputation, operation, and revenue
Make informed business decisions
Identify the strongest and most resilient partners

The Ratings Process

The process of getting rated is simple, safe, and secure. To start the process, you will either receive a request to join the FHR Exchange from your customer, or you can sign up through a Premium Membership.
You will receive an introductory email that outlines the program and provides a link to register for an account on the FHR Exchange.
Become a Member & submit financials
Set up your account on the FHR Exchange platform through the link provided. You’ll be prompted to submit your latest financial documents, including:
Balance sheet
Income statement
Cash flow statements (if your company produces them)
Access reports & data
After submitting the financials, RapidRatings generates your FHR and associated reports. As an FHR Exchange Premium Member, you can access these reports and customize your tools through the portal.
Learn more about our tools.
Share FHR
You now have full control of your FHR Report to share and distribute with your most trusted business partners and prospects.

FHR Methodology and Calculation

Other financial risk providers use broad estimations and qualitative assessments, like trade payment data, which produce unreliable and deceptive risk insights. The RapidRatings methodology is based on actual financial statements, resulting in fewer false alarms and more accurate risk indicators. By combining near- and medium-term resilience and efficiency indicators, we produce the industry’s most reliable rating for financial health.
Core Health Score
The CHS measures the medium-term viability of a company, using 62 ratios.
Resilience Indicators
We then dynamically overlay resilience ratios, which focus on short-term default risk.
The resulting FHR measures a company's near-term risk with over 90% accuracy.

Unmatched accuracy and predictive power. The industry standard for financial health.