Understand Your Company's Financial Health

The FHR Exchange provides comprehensive insights into your company's financial health, giving you a better understanding of your competitors and your resiliency in an ever-changing market.

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A comprehensive breakdown of your financial health

Our product suite gives you a full prognosis of your financial health and helps you understand your position in the market relative to competitors and industry peers. Each report uncovers the various components of your FHR, giving you a complete picture of your company’s strengths and risk areas.
Your FHR Report gives you a high-level overview of your FHR and dives deeper into areas of strength and potential concern. You can identify trends in your business with historical data and sector comparisons to make more informed decisions.
The Financial Dialogue Report is a collaboration tool that helps you identify and prioritize the conditions that contribute most to what is driving your FHR. It concisely delivers the most relevant topics for discussion to facilitate open and productive communication between you and your customers.
The Peer Benchmark Report shows how your company compares to others in your industry. It provides another layer of insight that contextualizes your FHR and helps guide your company’s financial management. Customize your peer group by industry, size, and country to create a more focused report.
Getting data on other companies is an expensive and timely process. As an FHR Premium Member, you have the power to search any public company and immediately access their full FHR Report.
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Unlock the full power of RapidRatings

Guide your business with the most accurate data and insights. To access these reports and other benefits, become an FHR Exchange Premium Member.