The RapidRatings difference: financial health analytics

We provide our clients with a level and depth of insight unlike any other solution because ours is built on financial health, using real financial data.

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Financial health isn't just another risk area

Traditionally, financial risk was seen as one of many risk areas to evaluate. Trying to analyze them separately leaves gaps that could cause you to miss critical warning signs.

It underpins them all

Financial health underpins each risk area, and can indicate strengths and weakness across a company’s entire risk landscape. Financially weak companies cut corners, while financially healthy companies are resilient to disruption.

We outperform our competitors so you can outperform yours

Other financial risk providers rely solely on broad estimations and qualitative assessments, resulting in false alarms and missed opportunities. Our predictive analytics work together whether you need an immediate pulse on the level of risk or a deep dive on critical suppliers. Because you cannot measure what you cannot see.
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Better data drives better decisions

Our ratings are based on the current financial statements of your supplier, vendor, or customer, and accurately reflect the risk level they pose. The reports that accompany our ratings relate specifically to the company we have rated. They provide detailed guidance to help you frame discussions and strategize your next steps whether that’s mitigating risk or exploring opportunities to expand the relationship.

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See how you can utilize the financial health rating to manage risk associated with your counterparties, including: suppliers, vendors, and customers.
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