RapidRatings Reports

Our financial experts and robust algorithms generate a powerful suite of financial health reports and analyses to help you evaluate your suppliers, customers, and third parties. Explore each of the RapidRatings reports and learn how you can apply them to your risk management program.

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The FHR Report

The FHR Report serves as a breakdown and explanation of all the factors that contribute to a company’s FHR. These detailed insights enable you to protect against supply chain failures, credit risks, and other business exposure.

Peer Benchmark

The Peer Benchmark shows how your suppliers, vendors, and counterparties compare to others in their industry and helps to contextualize their FHRs.

Financial Dialogue

When evaluating a company, the Financial Dialogue identifies and prioritizes the most relevant financial topics for discussion. These recommendations facilitate productive and open communication between you and your suppliers, customers, and third parties.
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Get a customized walkthrough

Our enterprise team will demonstrate how to interpret each of the RapidRatings reports and explain how you can apply the insights and analytics to fit your specific risk management needs.
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