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HealthMark: It's Time for
Full Risk Visibility

HealthMark™ is an instantaneous and comprehensive financial viability measure of virtually any counterparty, with scores available on over 140 million entities. An immediate first-pass view, HealthMark helps risk professionals prioritize the right relationships for deeper analysis on the same risk framework as the FHR.

Gain complete visibility

Learn the Language of Financial Health

Financial health is the gateway to deeply and fully understanding a company’s ability to weather the storm when times are tough and grow with you in opportunity. Uncover a company’s underlying strengths and weaknesses with the Financial Health Rating.

Why Financial Health?Financial Health System

Financial Health System

How We Help

Supplier Risk

See deeply into your entire supply chain to not only combat risk, but also develop the resiliency you need to take your business to the next level.

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Third-Party Risk

Build regulatory confidence with consistent and automated financial risk processes, satisfying compliance requirements and board oversight with ease.

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Credit Risk

Achieve efficient and accurate credit processes with standardized financial risk evaluations.

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Our Clients

"RapidRatings’ in-depth, independent ratings analysis on hundreds of our public and private counterparties globally has become an integral part of our credit process. Their reports, and the early warning they provide as to the true financial health of a business, is embedded in our risk management process today."

Greg Cortez
Dir., Credit & Comp. Risk
Hess Corporation

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