Supply Chain

Global Trends in Supply Chain Disruptions
Disruptions in the global supply chain have damaging effects—delayed shipments, empty shelves, businesses scrambling to keep up. It affects everyone, but for businesses, the impact is devastating.
Smaller Private Credit Borrowers Drowning as Rates Stay High
RapidRatings Executive Chairman James Gellert spoke to Bloomberg Law on the state of private company distress. Research by RapidRatings and Marblegate Asset Management highlighted that a large portion of middle market companies (the backbone of supply chains and vendor ecosystems for the world’s largest companies) are collapsing under today’s conditions.
Supply Chain Risk Management in 2024: A Conversation with Bindiya Vakil
Bindiya Vakil, Founder and CEO of Resilinc, a leading provider of supply chain risk management solutions, sat down with us to share her insights and industry best practices for mitigating risk. Bindiya will dive even deeper into these strategies and more in our upcoming webinar, "Supply Chain Risk Concentration in 2024."
Strategies for Mitigating Supply Chain Risk Concentration in 2024 with James Gellert
In today's complex economic climate, supply chain resilience is more critical than ever. To help navigate these challenges, we sat down with James Gellert, Executive Chairman of RapidRatings, for a conversation about the macroeconomic factors impacting suppliers and how to mitigate risk. In this interview, James will provide a sneak peek of what you can expect from our upcoming webinar.
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