Third Party Risk

Real Interest Rates and the Impact on Third Parties and Suppliers
The recent economic landscape has been a rollercoaster, with interest rates soaring and inflation fluctuating.
Third Party Woes: Critical Vendors Feel the Squeeze
Third party and vendor management has always been tricky, but today it is a whole new level of challenging. At RapidRatings, we have...
Underneath the Hood: The Power of Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management
Unveiling Opportunities, Enhancing Visibility, and Empowering Proactive Decision-Making for Supply Chain Leaders
Global Supply Chains are a Minefield of Hidden Risks
RapidRatings acts as a “minesweeper”, flagging the areas of risk surrounding the “landmines”, so you can navigate safely. While we also use logic to flag risks, we use predictive analytics to identify and mitigate risk, and devise strategies for surviving interruptions in supply chains.
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