The FHR Exchange™

The FHR Exchange is a secure membership platform where companies of all sizes can share and access critical financial health information. As an Enterprise-level member, you can get financial health analytics on your entire portfolio of private companies—without sourcing financial information yourself.

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Everyone benefits from transparency

By joining RapidRatings’ FHR Exchange, clients have access to the FHR, associated reporting, and actionable insights into how suppliers, vendors, and other third parties are likely to perform. Transparency strengthens business relationships, and we provide the data and recommendations needed to facilitate open, healthy financial conversations.

You get critical insight—your partners get opportunity

Traditional financial health evaluation only benefits the enterprise, which can negatively impact your program compliance and partnerships. With the FHR Exchange, we are redefining risk management: allowing each member of your business ecosystem to benefit from transparency.
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Optimize your risk management program

Individually, the three main pillars of RapidRatings' solutions and products are best-in-class. When utilized together on the FHR Exchange, you create a program that accurately rates financial health and supports your risk management decisions.

"I can add some free advice for some of the large enterprise companies that are thinking about whether or not to partner with RapidRatings when it comes to helping their supply chain: do it. It makes a stronger supply chain."

Byron Carroll (FHR Exchange Member)
President & Founder, Carroll Communications
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