Credit risk management

Organizations that issue credit need accurate evaluations of financial health to help win profitable new businesses and avoid costly credit losses. RapidRatings offers purely quantitative, unbiased, financial health analysis, eliminating market noise and helping you take advantage of business opportunities as they arise.

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Make corporate credit decisions with confidence

We bring accuracy and efficiency to credit teams’ fingertips, from origination to the ongoing monitoring of the changing risk of counterparties. With our help, organizations can extend and price credit, identify potential opportunities for new or expanded business, and perform enterprise-wide historical and predictive analysis beyond 12 months on their entire counterparty portfolio.

The FHR®: the bedrock of financial health analysis

A company’s financial health is the top indicator of their ability to perform. We provide the most accurate financial health rating in the world, based on your counterparty's actual financial data.

"RapidRatings’ in-depth, independent ratings analysis on hundreds of our public and private counterparties globally has become an integral part of our credit process. Their reports, and the early warning they provide as to the true financial health of a business, is embedded in our risk management process today."

Greg Cortez, Dir. Credit & Comp. Risk
Hess Corporation
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