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We value the trust of our clients, employees, and the community. We listen, we question assumptions, and we consistently provide informed, independent advice on issues of importance to businesses and the global economy.

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Life @ RapidRatings

We value our employees as vital contributors to our business. We believe that our team's dedication to excellence, positive mindset, and willingness to work together will help us achieve our goal of creating a transparent business world. At RapidRatings, we prioritize a collaborative and meaningful culture that fosters determination and dedication from our employees, resulting in long-term benefits for our clients.
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Our people are the beating heart of all that we do. As we work to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization we nurture all our talent within the business where everyone can bring their whole self to work and have their unique talents and perspectives recognized and relied on. Our vision and mission depend on a shared commitment to teamwork, innovation, and optimism. It also includes an underlying standard of resourcefulness and personal integrity, as we actively participate in a broader community of clients, partners, vendors and regulators.

Our business will always be shaped around our people, and our strength in the marketplace is a reflection of this. From your initial application, no matter what the outcome, you will be given a positive experience at RapidRatings. We pride ourselves on hiring great talent from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing fresh perspectives, new ideas, and energy.
We put our people at the very center of our business and want to maximize everyone’s potential. RapidRatings does this by investing in your growth, nurturing our culture, and providing you with career opportunities. Retaining our talent, celebrating excellence, and recognizing our fantastic employees who have provided their expertise to RapidRatings is important to us and fosters a strong sense of belonging. We are proud of our collaborative and hardworking teams.
Employing passionate, highly skilled and engaged people who share our company values is vital to our success, which is why we support you through every step of your recruitment journey. Depending on your prospective role, the assessment process typically includes an initial phone screening, followed by competency-based interviews—either remotely or face to face. We may request references, and the successful candidates will receive an offer letter. You’ll then begin your onboarding journey with RapidRatings.
With us you can learn and grow. Our people are the foundation for our continued growth, we invest in our people and encourage continuous professional learning and development. This investment in our workforce has produced an innovative and passionate team where we are proud to be supportive of one another and create learning opportunities for you every step of the way.
At RapidRatings, we foster an environment where employees feel recognized for their contributions, appreciated for their individuality, and challenged to do their best. We know that bringing together employees with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences sparks innovation, promotes better decision making, and yields the creative problem solving that’s critical to our long-term success.

We are committed to upholding equal employment opportunities and oppose any form of discrimination. Join our industry-changing company and drive your career towards success.

We want everyone who works with us to reach their full potential and experience a meaningful, challenging and rewarding career. Helping develop your talents is something we do every single day as we are striving to further your career just as much as you are.
Neha Mehta, Director, Solutions & Value Engineering

"RapidRatings continues to provide me an opportunity to grow as an individual—

both personally and professionally. I learn something new every day—not only do I get an exposure to work with diverse client community, but also cross collaborate with various teams to address growing client needs and create a difference.

The people I work with is what I love the most about RapidRatings—from my team, my colleagues, my manager, to senior leadership; everyone is extremely welcoming and encouraging. I appreciate the work/life balance that RapidRatings provides."
—Neha Mehta, Director, Solutions & Value Engineering

Our values are who we are and what we stand for

Our company values not only shape the identity of our organization, they also guide and inspire us in all that we do. As we work to build a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization, our values guide our day to day, creating an environment where our employees’ individual backgrounds, perspectives, and contributions are highly valued.

A few of our benefits

Our benefits scheme depends on the location you will be working, but it always complements your salary and is designed to acknowledge the contribution our people make to our growth and success.
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Flexible working arrangements

As a whole, our company operates on a hybrid working schedule, with remote options available. Within the hybrid arrangement there is flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Family-friendly policies

Our parental leave and PTO policies mean that work adapts to your life, and not the other way around.

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Charity initiatives

We support employee charity initiatives through our donation matching program and paid volunteer activities. We help you support your community, both locally and globally.

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