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Press Release

RapidRatings expands partnership with LevaData; rolls out innovative features

RapidRatings announced today its expanded partnership and integration with LevaData, the leading AI powered supply management company, transforming direct material sourcing.

Press Release

RapidRatings Releases 2024 Annual Default Review

The Annual Default Review analyzes trends from companies that defaulted in 2023 and examines the effectiveness of the FHR® in predicting these defaults.


Major airline faces Chapter 11 bankruptcy concerns

Creditors of the airline are bracing for the worst as over $1 billion in debt looms.


Beloved retailer nears Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, store closures

The brand, which has a devoted following, appears set to file, according to two leading services that track companies' financial health.


Smaller suppliers’ finances have deteriorated since pre-pandemic

Large buyers have been pressuring suppliers, dragging down smaller, private firms’ operational efficiency, according to RapidRatings analysis.


Struggling Express awaits CARES Act receivable payments

Express is waiting on $52 million in CARES Act payments to shore up short-term liquidity, says a source familiar with the situation.


11 digitally native retailers that could file for bankruptcy in 2024

While off to a slower start than 2023, filings are expected to continue in the industry, especially among many direct-to-consumer brands.


Popular clothing retailer faces Chapter 11 bankruptcy, cash crisis

The company has shared that it's reviewing its options when it comes to continued operations.


BP makes interim CFO permanent

With Kate Thomson, the London-based oil giant holds a spot in the still relatively rarefied ranks of major companies with women in the top finance role.


Another national retailer faces Chapter 11 bankruptcy, default

A key ratings service has warned of a 'high default risk' and has warned customers to mitigate their exposure.

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