Risk Management

Even in The Pandemic Era, The Fundamentals Still Matter
‘Change’ is not an unfamiliar word in the fashion industry. But in recent years, it’s been a loaded one—as stores began to shift from brick and mortar to eCommerce. Inherent in this major trend was (and is) a complete reshaping of legacy companies’ operating models, operating efficiencies, inventory management, human capital, and much more. In the pandemic era, the new model (and all its conveniences to boards and customers alike) has taken on an outsized weight.
Is The Adrenaline Enough?
Last year, we predicted that the pandemic would exacerbate pre-existing weaknesses in the financial health of both public and private companies across industries. Among 24 out of 30 industry categories, there was an average six-point drop in core health from YE ‘19 to YE ‘20. This type of fundamental deterioration of US corporates is significant.
Greensill’s Warning Isn’t What You Think
Many were surprised when fintech darling Greensill Capital suddenly collapsed earlier this year.
Did You Know RapidRatings Can Predict the Future?
We use our predictive analytics, to provide insights into third-party partners, suppliers, and vendors. You can make better risk management decisions when you have an accurate and forward-looking view of a company’s financial health.
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