Perfect Storm

Real Interest Rates and the Impact on Third Parties and Suppliers
The recent economic landscape has been a rollercoaster, with interest rates soaring and inflation fluctuating.
Smaller suppliers’ finances have deteriorated since pre-pandemic
Large buyers have been pressuring suppliers, dragging down smaller, private firms’ operational efficiency, according to RapidRatings analysis. ‍
Lessons from the Past: A Timeline of Supply Chain's Most Disruptive Events
Take a look at some of the events that have upended supply chains over the last few years.
1 big thing: Peaking beneath the surface
New data from RapidRatings and Marblegate Asset Management, a leading alternative investment firm, paints a worrying picture for middle market companies as interest rates continue to impact these smaller, often privately held companies—many of which include suppliers and vendors who employee nearly 50 million employees (about twice the population of Texas).
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