Lessons from the Past: A Timeline of Supply Chain's Most Disruptive Events

Before COVID-19, most people outside of the industry didn’t know what a supply chain was. Now, due to massive events that have upended supply chains and the flow of goods, supply chains are now a regular topic of conversation, even at cocktail parties.

And at the front line of supply chain disruptions are procurement professionals who deal with crisis after crisis to keep their supply chains in order. The pandemic and other events have shaken pros into the realization that supply chain risk is everywhere, and that a disruptive event can strike at any time.

Take a look at some of the events that have upended supply chains over the last few years:

Supply chain disruptions timeline infographic

Given the sheer number of supply chain disruptions in the post-pandemic world, businesses can expect to continue to face these challenges for months or even years to come. That is why it has never been more important for businesses to stay resilient against supply chain disruptions by developing contingency plans and investing in new technologies.

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