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RapidRatings® is the leading provider of global financial health analytics for organizations that demand the most up-to-date and comprehensive insights into their business partners' financial stability.

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The industry leader in financial health

RapidRatings sets the standard for financial health transparency between business partners, transforming the way the world’s leading companies manage enterprise and financial risk. We provide the most sophisticated, accurate and actionable analysis of public and private companies in over 140 countries worldwide. Our commitment to accuracy and financial health transparency has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner among the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions. Combining a robust methodology and actual financial data from the public and private companies that touch your business, RapidRatings has insights that no one else does.
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A world where every business relationship is empowered by a shared understanding of financial health.​

We enable companies to build resilient supply chains and profitable customer relationships with financial health analytics that are as easy-to-use as they are powerful. With access to the best private company financial data and supplier network in the world, our clients lead from the front.​

Global reach. International presence.


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Our commitment to our people & culture

At RapidRatings we’re committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our mission is to foster an environment where employees feel recognized for their contributions, appreciated for their individuality, and challenged to do their best. We know that bringing together employees with different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences sparks innovation, promotes better decision making and yields the creative problem solving that’s critical to our long-term success. In short, the diversity of our workforce makes us a stronger company.
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