HealthMark® risk prediction

HealthMark delivers rapid risk prediction across your entire supplier, third party, and customer network.

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HealthMark uses robust financial data trends to predict which members of your supply chain have the highest probability of being in financial distress and are likely to provoke supply chain disruption.

The foundation for the model is a very clear and widely accepted relationship between supplier insolvency risk and various supplier financial characteristics identified through financial statement analysis.
HealthMark dashboard and reports

Use better data

HealthMark uses the most accurate and reliable data available to evaluate supplier risk levels. Read our Whitepaper, Model Accuracy in Default Prediction, to learn why our analysis provides a more complete picture than historic trade payment models.
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Global reach

HealthMark gives you visibility on over 100 million companies globally. Location filters allow you specify the city, state, and country of the company you are searching for and get a rapid overview of risk hotspots within your supply chain.

Agility & precision

HealthMark is part of RapidRatings suite of risk management products and services offering agility, precision and expertise in supplier, vendor and credit risk management.
HealthMark is an agile tool that provides instant risk prediction for individual companies or cohorts of suppliers in your network.
The FHR offers exceptional precision with financial health ratings based on your suppliers’ actual financial statements. This is the perfect tool to manage and monitor the most important relationships in your network.
The FHR and HealthMark can be used independently or in combination to provide the ultimate supplier risk management solution.
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