Implementation Services

Implementing Our Solutions

Management teams today must do more with less. With competing demands on your time, project management and planning can sometimes take a backseat to addressing the most pressing item on your queue.

Increasing transparency across your business relationships will create enterprise value and reduce risk. Still, the process can be daunting. Who should be involved, where should you start, and what should you do with the information you receive? We will partner with you to create mutual action plans with simple and effective steps to enable effortless and successful onboarding.

Our Implementation Team will guide new clients through the first three months of their RapidRatings engagement. This group of program and change management experts will guide you through the onboarding of your new financial risk management platform.

Your dedicated Implementation Lead will build a customized onboarding and training plan that fits your processes – and does not disrupt them. They will also set specific benchmarks for completion on a schedule that aligns with your organizational priorities and expectations.  Benchmarks for completion include:

  • Review and provide initial analysis on your counterparty lists
  • Build Portfolios based on categories that align with your business model
  • Check-in regularly to address questions and correct course during the process
  • Craft message and initiation plans for private company network outreach
  • Evaluate additional technology solutions that can bring further efficiencies to your work


implementation timeline


Once your onboarding is successfully completed, your Implementation Manager will lead a Transition Call to introduce your new Client Success contact. This individual will take over the role as your primary solution support and delivery contact. We will evaluate the effectiveness of the Implementation program, discuss outstanding issues and questions, and devise a mutual roadmap for the remainder of your agreement year.



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