Supplier Risk Management

Identify Risks & Mitigate Disruptions in the Global Supply Chain

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Global supply chains improve efficiency and cost savings for companies across all industries. Yet they also lead to increasingly tangled webs of business relationships, and the growing risks that go with them.

With RapidRatings, every business relationship becomes more manageable and transparent. We provide visibility into the financial stability of global suppliers and vendors, enabling organizations to:

  • Assess the financial stability of public and private suppliers
  • Detect supplier disruption and protect the bottom line
  • Identify and leverage supplier strengths to improve relationships
  • Provide predictive and accurate analytics

Free FHR® Report

Want to see how predictive analytics manages risks, mitigates disruptions & protects revenue loss? Request a free FHR report on any public company.

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"We are impressed and gratified by the role Rapid Ratings has taken in our workflow. Their quality of customer support, easily interpretable and accurate data, and ability to rate public and private companies on a common basis have made them an excellent addition to our risk mitigation strategy."

Michelle Yacovone
SCM Risk Management

Supplier Evaluations to Assess Financial Health Become Manageable

Evaluating supplier risk can be a complex process because of the vast types of risk.  At RapidRatings, we believe financial health is the most important key risk indicator to evaluate and monitor.  Understanding the financial risk in your supply chain will help you:

  • Avoid costly impact of bankruptcy and disruption with early warning signals
  • Partner with the strongest suppliers who invest in quality product & have the ability to grow with you
  • Gain a holistic view in your supplier financial risk assessments to understand if suppliers can react to unforeseen events
  • Develop consistent risk indicators to create a common language across the entire enterprise


Supply Chain Visibility Enables Better Business Decisions

Comprehensive financial risk coverage of all suppliers will help you accurately see potential risks in your supply chain. Our analytics work together whether you need an immediate pulse on the level of risk or a deep dive on critical suppliers.

Supplier Financial Review Guide for Any Function

The Financial Dialogue is a report that identifies and prioritizes the most relevant financial questions you should be asking your suppliers and third parties. It concisely delivers the top five financial viability assessment questions as a guide for your financial evaluation.  Financial Dialogue substantially decreases prep time and effort for reviews, allowing all team members, regardless of function or financial acumen, to have a meaningful discussion with suppliers on financial health. We provide the questions – you get the answers!


Financial Health as a Leading Indicator for Supplier Performance

Financial health is the gateway to understanding a company’s underlying strengths and weaknesses and speaking one single language for business decisions; it provides a universal benchmark for choosing whom to partner with in the short- and long-term.  Read our Supplier Performance Case Study to understand the key results, including:

  • Poor financial health increases probability of issues with supplier performance
  • Strong financial health increases ability to ramp up production, maintain business continuity, and build operational resilience


RapidRatings’ Supplier Ratings & Supplier Assessments

When you invest in the Financial Health System, you comply with supplier risk management best practices.

  • Predictive & accurate analytics promotes supply chain resiliency
  • Financial Health Ratings (FHR) help evaluate suppliers on a consistent basis
  • Actionable reports enable you to mitigate supplier risk and monitor suppliers
  • Financial insight assists in financial evaluations and supplier audits with our Financial Dialogue report
  • Industry-leading customer service provides expertise in building a supplier risk management strategy and plan


Contact us today so that we can better understand your company’s needs and get your supplier risk assessment started.


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