The FHR Exchange™ for Enterprise

Expanding Financial Health Coverage

More effectively manage your supply chain, vendors, and third parties by getting an FHR® on all your business partners with The FHR Exchange™. The Exchange sets a new standard for financial health transparency through:

The User Experience.

Built atop the next generation platform; improved security, client and supplier experience, and increased self-service—without impacting current workflows.

Ease of Program Management.

Manage and grow your programs more efficiently; auto-refresh FHRs; easily pull reports; and upskill internal teams.

Direct Engagement.

Easily engage with your suppliers—beginning with asking them to join you on The Exchange, where everyone (suppliers and buyers) are members.


Increase access to FHRs while reducing costs

Companies benefit when they can assess the financial viability of all suppliers, vendors, and other third parties in their ecosystem. Scale risk management programs by obtaining an FHR on all your business partners.



Enhance benefits to your private company partners

Risk management compliance is often one-sided. Empower private companies and encourage transparency with access to their FHRs, benchmarking capabilities, and the ability to request FHRs on their own suppliers and vendors. The FHR Exchange helps everyone build a more resilient future by helping make better business decisions—for better business outcomes.



Avoid disruption or mitigate impact

Early warning into potential disruptions gives you time to take action. With advance notice of financial strain, you can develop a joint action plan with your suppliers and third parties—and avoid the extra time, capital, and reputational costs associated with an unanticipated disruption.



Real-time FHR updates

With The FHR Exchange, keep financial health ratings current with automatic updates when members refresh and share their financial statements. More frequent FHR updates mean better visibility into your supply chains and third-party ecosystems.

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Private Company Membership Benefits

Private suppliers & vendors have the opportunity to grow and protect their own brand. The FHR Exchange allows members to:

Win new business by securely sharing financial health with prospects.

Understand financial strengths and weaknesses compared to peers.

Protect their brand and bottom lines, by leveraging FHR reports on their own suppliers and vendors.

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