RapidRecap: ProcessUnity Customer Summit

blog imageLast week, RapidRatings participated in the ProcessUnity Customer Summit 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The three-day client-focused conference included platform bootcamps, best practice seminars, and discussions of industry trends. ProcessUnity is an active partner of RapidRatings and RapidRatings was one of the featured partners at the event. Attendees were clients of ProcessUnity, as well as joint clients that also use RapidRatings and leverage the API connector.

ProcessUnity integrates with RapidRatings’ Risk Management API, providing their clients with direct access to Financial Health Rating data. As part of ProcessUnity’s Vendor Risk Management platform, RapidRatings’ Financial Health Ratings are seamlessly integrated into ProcessUnity Vendor Financial Intelligence (VFI). VFI combines objective financial health information into third-party risk management processes to provide greater visibility into businesses for pre-and post-contract vendor due diligence.

In addition to being in attendance, Eric Evans, RapidRatings Managing Director, Partnerships & Alliances, was a panelist on the Partner Roundtable, ‘Current Trends in Third-Party Risk Management’. Crowe and EcoVadis – also RapidRatings partners – joined us in the roundtable, moderated by ProcessUnity. Crowe performs advisory work on Thirty Party Risk management, as well as system integrations and managed services. EcoVadis and RapidRatings have a symbiotic relationship as both solutions support clients by acquiring first-party data from public and private third parties worldwide – ESG is handled by them, financial health is handled by us.

eric evans speaking at conference

Eric Evans speaking at the partner roundtable

RapidRatings Takeaway From the Event: Collaboration Between Business Partners is the Key to Success


During the event, we spoke about the importance of financial health, how it is foundational to all other risk elements, and how we partner with companies, like ProcessUnity, to help our clients enhance their risk management process.

ProcessUnity acknowledges the importance of collaborating with world-class risk management organizations to ensure their users have the right information at their fingertips to make better business decisions.

Will Peabody, Account Executive, RapidRatings was in attendance and had this to say:

“Virtual meetings have their purpose and convenience, but nothing beats being able to connect with people face to face. Some of our best conversations happened sporadically over dinner, in between sessions, or even the occasional visit to the pool table. It’s a fantastic community we’re a part of, bonded by the knowledge we’re stronger together.”

Thank you to ProcessUnity for their partnership, for including us in the summit and for speaking so highly of RapidRatings – it’s one thing when we say we’re the best – it’s quite another when a trusted partner says we are, in front of all their clients, while we’re in the room.

You can learn more about RapidRatings and ProcessUnity Connector here and to about RapidRatings and our partner program here.


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