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Understand Financial Health of Private Companies

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Firms spend a great deal of time and effort in building a reliable and robust risk management program.  One of the factors frequently overlooked is the consistency in analysis between public and private company ratings. Oftentimes ratings for private companies may contain inconsistent or broadly self-disclosed financial statement data, providing limited financial data over limited time periods.  Primary source, financial data on private companies is the most accurate, insightful and replicable way to evaluate a private company.


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Ready to see how you can mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunity?  Request a demo today.

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Accurate Deep Dive on Private Companies

RapidRatings is uniquely positioned to provide you with actionable, robust financial assessments for privately-held companies around the globe. Our methodology for private company ratings is exactly the same as our methodology for public companies, with the same depth of analysis, detailed reporting, and comprehensive analysis. You have the option to collect and enter financial information, or rely on RapidRatings to confidentially collect the required data with our financial statement sourcing service.

We are the only firm that rates public and private companies from any country, and any industry, on an apples-to-apples basis, providing the transparency you need with your private suppliers and vendors.





Immediate Indicator of Financial Risk Level

RapidRatings offers an estimated risk level for private companies when financial statements aren’t available. Risk professionals frequently need to make an immediate decision on private companies and do not have time to source financials. The risk level indicator allows you to get a pulse on every single business partner allowing you to prioritize which companies require a deeper dive.

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