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RapidRecap: ProcessUnity Customer Summit

Last week, RapidRatings participated in the ProcessUnity Customer Summit 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The three-day client-focused conference included platform bootcamps, best practice seminars, and discussions of industry trends. ProcessUnity is an active partner of RapidRatings and RapidRatings was one of the featured partners at the event. Attendees were clients of ProcessUnity, as well as joint clients that also use RapidRatings and leverage the API connector. ProcessUnity integrates with RapidRatings’ Risk Management API, providing their clients

Did You Know RapidRatings Can Predict the Future?

Okay, not really, but we can predict when a supplier’s financial health is at risk. We use our predictive analytics, to provide insights into third-party partners, suppliers, and vendors. You can make better risk management decisions when you have an accurate and forward-looking view of a company’s financial health. At RapidRatings, we believe financial health is the most important key risk indicator to evaluate and monitor. Understanding the financial risk of your supply chain will

RapidRatings Mid-year check-in: Looking back, thinking ahead

It’s officially the halfway mark of 2022! What better time to conduct our own mid-year review and revisit our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) efforts and share our progress. As we continue to expand and look to what’s next, we should also remember where it started. We all know 2020 marked a turning point in America’s history. The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement prompted many companies to

22 for ’22; Our Predictions for Next Year

For many of us, this single year has felt like an entire decade. Even though much of the world began to regain (albeit shakily) its footing, we all continue to experience the lasting, and compounding affects of the pandemic. Decidedly, we have pushed on in an effort to keep the world moving—together—at a time when we have never been more interdependent. There is much to worry about. There is much to celebrate. There are still

FHR Exchange Spotlight: Carroll Communications

The world’s supply chains have never been more interdependent as they are today. And as a global pandemic continues to redefine modern commerce, one thing is certain—to have stronger suppliers, we need stronger relationships with suppliers.   I spoke with Byron Carroll, President and Founder of Carroll Communications, Inc—a US-based, veteran-owned small business. By incorporating a data-based, objective assessment, his company has grown three-fold against a commercial environment like no other. That success has also
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